Gali Rosas -
Author and Poet: Love Louder

Cindy Virginia -
Intuitive Light Worker

I am here to shout from the roof tops and celebrate Diane Xuereb for all that she is. What a wonderful woman.

Our paths crossed a while ago and what I loved so very much about her as a coach was she was Diane!

I love her authenticity.  I love how she shows up even on a bad hair day,  I love her sensitivity and her fabulous humour. 

She had the ability to put me at ease straight away. I found myself sharing stories with her that I hadn’t spoken about in years. Her curiosity & inquiry took me to places within myself to unpack and explore.

She is a genius. She is a generous hearted soul who sees the potential in us. 

She is intuitive and shares her insight.  Thank you Diane for your gentle caring way with me, for reminding me that I too have gifts to share.  

For understanding me, for really listening, for challenging me, for making me laugh. 

I love the conversation that unfolds in the space she holds. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to have a conversation with Diane

Lee Bradford - Solution Focused Hypnotherapist