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Lucy has always had a passion for writing. Through her writing and love for creativity, she now helps others follow their dreams and passions, creating a life they love. She holds writing retreats, coaches people one to one, runs abstract art workshops & lots of online courses.

For many years she spent her life being afraid to be herself. Always worried about what other people thought of her. She doubted herself and struggled to put her trust in following her dreams of writing and painting, a thing that flows naturally to Lucy.

Today she takes on a project with love, joy and all the passion she has from her heart.

Being a children’s author lights Lucy up from the inside. She loves to tell a good story, and the freedom she expresses so beautifully across the page gives us an insight into the fun she has creating these stories and characters. They come to life through Lucy’s colourful imagination.

Lucy now lives a life of flexibility and variety. She spends her days doing the things she loves, that make her heart sing. She lives in a raw, beautiful part of the country, but the sea, in North Devon.

“From the early age of 14, I wanted to become an author. I’ve always loved being creative and have been passionate about writing since my school days. It’s amazing that finally, my dream has come true. Most importantly I now have a lot more fun in my life and I want to help others create more fun too – it is like being a child again.”

Connect with Lucy – Writingfromwisdom.co.uk

In this Episode 

What a heartwarming story,  one that is very similar to mine.  The challenges of coming out as a gay person.


It can be so difficult navigating life when it seems that the whole world is against you. 

Lucy took off to Spain and thought that she would leave everything behind her.  However, as we all know, wherever you go, your baggage goes with you.  

There is no escaping it, no hiding it, no magic trick. It doesn’t magically all go away. 

Spain did help her in many ways but I’ll let her tell that story. 

Alcohol became Lucy’s friend as she tried to create a good life for herself but ultimately she knew that she had to do something about it. 

She set herself free in a way that I cannot justify with words.  She had a conversation with her sister who said something to her that changed her life in a way she could have never imagined. 

I truly cannot describe the transformation and even if I could, my words would not justify the impact that that conversation had on her.

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