About Lori Vazquez

Lori Vazquez is a mother of three, a hospice nurse, and a health coach. 

Her hospice career began in 1999 which is when, as she describes, hospice found her! 

She has dedicated may years to supporting patients and their families through the death and dying process. 

She is passionate about helping people embrace their humanness while compassionately digging deeper into who they really are and finding true and lasting healing. 

Much of her passion around emotional pain has been as a result of navigating through her own challenges from a fatherless childhood, unhealthy and difficult relationships in her adult life, and a deep entrenchment in a fundamentalist religion. 

Today, she sees herself as a bridge between the anguish and elation of being human, and the absolute freedom and wholeness that lies beneath it all. 

Besides her hospice work, she is passionate about health, fitness, cooking, yoga, hiking, spending time with family, and improving human connections and relationships.

If you want to contact her you can find her here:https://www.facebook.com/LoriLotus3/

In this Episode:

Lori talks about her struggles with breaking out of a religious box, the 7th Day Advent Church.

To be perfectly truthful it felt more like a cult to me than a religious organisation. But once again it is a religious institution dictating a way to be and live.    

She loved her religious upbringing, however, she struggled with the fact that she felt that she had to always behave in a certain way.  

The way she put it:  ‘There was this war of, having to live up to, you really have to be this good girl and follow all the rules.’ 

The thing that struck me most in this conversation is that even though Lori had to live by certain rules, even though for most of her teenage and young adult life she felt trapped. 

A deep part of her knew that there was much more to her than what she was taught. 

At one point whilst she was studying to become a nurse she had a realisation that she was not being herself.  She was not giving herself permission to be the expansive being that she intuitively knew she was. 

‘I am more than this’.

So far in every conversation I have had, all my guests, notwithstanding their upbringing and environment had this knowing.  They knew that there was much more to them than they were led to believe. 

Lori explored and questioned, she started to feel an expansiveness that was taking her beyond the beliefs, beyond who she was being told who she was.

Do you intuitively know that you are more than the sum of what you think you are?

Have you ever stopped to explore this statement: I AM

Are you questioning the dictates of your past?

Are you giving yourself permission to be who you are warts and all?

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