About Emma Burns

Hello, I am Emma Burns and my business is Soulfully you!
I am a mother of three beautiful children, who are my greatest teachers. Being a mother to them has encouraged me to heal and challenged me to do things I was afraid of.
As a result I followed my heart and have been building a business as a passionate Reflexologist and coach with a deep desire to help people come home to who they are, embrace their uniqueness and start to love themselves regardless of mistakes.
I am also an advocate for young people who have been through the care system and are now young parents. To me it’s vital that everyone has the right to have their voices heard.
So to be able to empower people who have struggled with this, through very difficult situations is the least I can do to give support.
I have always been a carer at heart and I love sharing compassion, love, friendship, kindness and trust with others.
I am a family woman but to me family goes beyond blood relatives. 
It’s the embodied commitment we can all have with each other that helps us to embrace life with many people who cross our paths whilst welcoming many and building a trusted community.
If you want to know more about her you can find her here:

In this episode

As I listened to the recording the following statement really struck me.
Emma, ” It almost looked as if, if I told myself and bullied myself, it somehow protected me from others doing it!!”
Is there anything you punish yourself for, it could be unconscious or conscious??
Stop and think about it if you will, it really is worth inquiring.
Nothing you have done in the past deserves punishment.
Listen to why Emma was punishing herself and it was only until she forgave herself that she saw that what she was doing to herself was not really about what was happening.  “I thought I was an evil person and I thought I should be punished”
Emma, ‘I am weird’.  
Diane, ‘What is your definition of weird Emma? Tell me three things about yourself that you think is weird?’  Listen to what she had to say about it.
What I think: To me, it’s simple, weird is a label that we give to others or ourselves because it does not fit with our ideal version of self or others.
In truth no one is weird, everyone is unique in the way they show up in the world, just because it doesn’t fit with how you think one should behave or be in the world does not make it weird.
All the above and more. 


Leanne · at

Honest, brave and insightful! I love you demonstrating being in the moment by expressing your lack of desire to think or analyse things. I didnt expect so much laughing! But this stuff doesn’t always have to be serious. Well done to the two of you for showing up and being yourselves!

    Diane · at

    Hey Leanne, thank you for taking the time to listen and for also leaving a comment. It was really easy being me around Emma XXX

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