About Melissa Ford 

Melissa Ford is a master business and life coach who’s been coaching for over twenty years, working with a variety of clients including fast-rising coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders and career changers. Her clients are highly driven professionals who’ve reached a plateau where they feel frustrated and they want to find out what’s been holding them back so they can move forward and experience greater personal, professional and financial success. 

She’s the author of Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach 

and a contributing author to the #1 Bestselling book, When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice.

If you want to contact her, you can find her here:

 In this Episode

One of the things we talked about is perfectionism or as Melissa puts it, ‘always wanting to get things right’.

In her case she wanted to look like she had it together, to try and look like that ‘I knew more than I knew’.

Always trying to get things right is one way of proving to ourselves that we are enough and/or that we are worthy.

This is born from a misunderstanding that says,  to be loved we have to be perfect or we have to keep doing stuff to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of love.  

Love is what we are made of, you don’t have to work hard to get it because you are LOVE.

 You cannot be separate from it, even though you do not always feel it. 

Usually, I like to hear stories about how my guests struggled in an area of their lives but then discovered the freedom of giving themselves permission.  

However, in this conversation, we went in the opposite direction. 

Melissa talked about how she gave herself permission to experiment with a different way of responding to her husband. 

If you want to hear what it is, listen to this episode to hear what she has to say about the Jab Fest and so much more. 

If you would love to be a guest, or if you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch via email, or send me a personal message.


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