About Cindy Virginia

Cindy is a life long entrepreneur. From being an exercise coach to Web designer to now having her own intuitive practice and enjoys travelling around the world.

Cindy is a free spirit that moves within her flow. Cindy, is an Intuitive Lightworker, a Reiki Practioner, Tarot, and Oracle Reader.

She loves to design Healing Gemstone Jewelry, to travel and wander in nature, which allowing her to embrace the free spirit soul that she is.

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In this Episode

This was a very light-hearted conversation,  nonetheless, Cindy touched upon a subject that might be an issue for many people. 

Cindy talked about her anxiety disorder and how she learnt to listen to the prompts her body gives her when she is in an anxious state.

We often misunderstand or fail to see how ingenious feelings are.  Many of us for many years have tried to change our negative emotions.  

Let’s face it, how many of you enjoy feeling bad??  I most certainly don’t. 

However, resisting any emotional state will only keep it in place.  Moreover, feelings are a great sat nav.  

If for e.g. you are feeling urgency, you might probably read that as a prompt to go faster and faster. 

What if your body is gently reminding you to stop because you are going too fast??

Try it out, don’t take my word for it, test it and see what happens.  

Excerpt from a book Money by Arnold Patent: 

“often we avoid feeling our feelings because we believe the process is too painful. Instead, we use our intellects to attempt to resolve the situation without realising that the sole purpose for creating the situation is to bring up the feelings so that we can reclaim the power that we have hidden”.

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