About Tracey Rampling

Tracey is a mindset & manifestation coach who empowers heart-centred women to take a leap of faith and start living their dream life NOW instead of waiting for that mythical “one day” to finally arrive!

In late 2018 Tracey and her family finally packed up their lives and moved from sunny Australia to glorious northern Italy and started living their dream life. It may have taken 20 years to get there, and a winding road filled with challenges and a good dollop of heartache, but the grit, determination, and lessons she learned along the way is what makes her the perfect person to help her clients turn their dreams into reality! Tracey did it the hard way so that they don’t have to!

Tracey’s magic is in helping her clients reconnect with their divine feminine energy and start trusting in their intuition so they can design an intentional vision for their future that’s congruent with their core beliefs and values, helping them set soul aligned goals that light them up inside and working together to clear the blocks holding them back so they can start manifesting the crap out of their dreams!

Tracey’s style is a blend of woo with equal measures of the science that backs it up, combining elements of Positive Intelligence, traditional coaching and Appreciative Inquiry methodologies along with the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Tarot/Oracle reading!

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In this Episode

During this conversation, I couldn’t quite link the aim of the podcast to her story.  

In actual fact at one point during the conversation, I was a little confused.

I was wondering how permission formed any part of what Tracey decided to do with her husband and children. 

Then in an instant, I saw how Tracey gave herself permission to begin a new adventure.

Even though the decision she took was painful for her, she took the bold step. 

Many or perhaps most people associate birth with the coming of a new child.

Birth comes in different shapes and forms, some of these shapes are not always comfortable, easy or simple. 

I was silent for a good few seconds in this episode because I had to allow her story and the sacrifice she made to sink in. 

I invite you to listen to this poignant story, one which clearly depicts what we do for the love of others.

If you would love to be a guest, or if you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch via email, or send me a personal message.


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