About Leanne Webber

I am a grateful mother of a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl and have very humble roots, growing up in the South Wales valleys.

I currently work for a government inquiry into child sexual abuse, capturing shared experiences from adult survivors for online publication and I have just trained as a professional advocate. I will be working on a self employed basis with children and young people.

My main career interests have been in healing trauma and loss, especially after losing my older sister to alcoholism ten years ago, which was a symptom of trauma she had suffered as a child and beyond.

I am an aspiring poet who channels my knowledge of the collective unconscious and expresses it through language and archetypes. As my writing blossoms, I feel that I am on a journey back to my soul, rekindling my childhood love of writing poetry.

I feel my life’s purpose is in helping others in achieving alchemy of the soul through sharing knowledge, being present for others and doing my own inner work. 

To find out more about Leanne and get in touch with her:https://www.facebook.com/ElennaBewber/ or https://www.instagram.com/purple_persephone_/

In this episode, Leanne talks about how being herself helped deepen her relationships and made some of the friendships more meaningful.  She found that she either attracted people or repelled them.  She made a lot of new friends and she did not lose that many friends,    ” a lot less than I would have expected”. She also managed to let go of many of the perceptions she had about what other people would think about her and she realised that many of the negative vibes that she was picking up were not from her friends but herself. 

Expand by Leanne Webber

You stay small for far too long. 
Waiting for someone to hear your song. 
They can’t  you’re muted.  
Yes, you are moving along.  But slowly.
You’re stunted.
Always worried you’re doing it wrong.
Scared of showing your true colours.
Not seen.
It’s safer to blend into the crowd.
Be the same.
Stop wondering what others think.
Who cares?
It’s your journey.
For fuck sake stop judging yourself.
We all make mistakes.
It’s learning.  
Now is the time to take a risk.
If it doesn’t work out, you’ll get over it.
Rest when you need to.
But then give it your all.
It’s your time and energy.
Use it.  
You’re much better than you think.
Accept it.
Uniquely you.
With your special kink.
Show it to the world.
Own it.  
It’s time to stop hiding yourself.  
Show up.
Step out.
Find your voice.
Express yourself.
Drink in every moment selflessly.
Taste it.
Enjoy it.
Give others the freedom to do the same.
Allow it.  
Give yourself permission to live your dreams.
Take up space.
Inspire others to be who they are.
Give all that you have and take what you need.
Let your petals  slowly unfurl. Bloom.


Christine · at

Loved listening to this conversation. Love the light you’re being in the world Leanne both with your writing and profession.

    Diane · at

    Thank you for your encouraging feedback Christine and for listening 🙂 I’m smiling from ear to ear XX

    Leanne · at

    Thank you Christine ?

Alisha Wilson · at

Wonderful discussions and coming in at exactly the right time! I believe that standing in authenticity and speaking your truths is fundamental to a deeper understanding of surrender and furthermore, grace. I do hope Leanne comes back on for more discussions.

Sam · at

I love your voice Leanne, always have. I love the way we connected over that quote, and how you reminded me of it at a time when I was finding myself again.These small ways we save each others lives. I kind of think we might as well be ourselves, it’s the only way to find real connection. Though to be honest I don’t really have a choice if I want to be healthy. I have really been feeling more flow lately. I love this conversation and would love to be part of it, although I’m definitely not able to articulate the way you do. I miss you still. Need to see you soon xxx

    Diane · at

    Thank you Sam for listening and taking the time to leave a comment. How would you like to be part of this conversation Sam??

    Diane XX

      Sam · at

      Not sure, I just liked the conversation.

        Diane · at

        glad you enjoyed it, feel free to reach out if you want to contribute to the podcast. XX

    Leanne · at

    Thank you Sam. You kind of inspired my participation in this! And no you will not articulate it like me you will articulate it like you and it will uniquely wonderful! ? x

Phil Hughes · at

I also needed to listen to this, thank you Leanne and Diane for making this available. I found it thought provoking, powerful and moving. Best wishes to you both x

    Diane · at

    Thank you Phil for listening and im happy it helped in some way Diane X

    Leanne · at

    Thank you Phil x

Emma burns · at

Wonderful conversation I love the honesty involved and the ability to show up as YOU and nothing else! Beautiful x

    Diane · at

    Thank you Emma for listening, in my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than simply being ourselves.

    Leanne · at

    I’m really glad that comes across lovely. Keep being You! ? x

Fiona · at

Loved hearing you share your thoughts on this Leanne. You know I’m a great advocate for ‘being you’ and being authentic. Powerful poem…may I read it at my Red Tent sometime?

    Leanne · at

    Wow thank you for this feedback Fiona. Of course! I have bookmarked the date for the next Red Tent and am going to do my utmost to be there as I really wanted to attend the last one but it it wasn’t to be. Also hoping to come to more NIA sessions, hopefully a Thursday date in the summerhouse too! It’s been hectic the last few weeks but I’ve missed it ?? x

Alexa Brown · at

I have known Leanne since I was eleven years old and I can say that I have seen her grown throughout our lives. I have always seen her authenticity and it is beautiful to see her putting it first. Well done my girl. So proud.
Diane the interview was superb and your questions were direct and could only be answered by Leanne in earnest. Bravo

    Diane · at

    Dear Alexa, I’m truly blown away by the feedback and reactions Leanne and I are getting. As I said, I have only just met her and what I know about her till know is that she is a powerful young woman. She has much to give to the world and she is already doing that. Thank you for your encouragement. Diane xx

    Leanne · at

    Aww the matching denim jacket days! Cant believe you were that young then, always been so wise beyond your years. And shockingly authentic! That’s what I’ve always loved about you too. Thank you for taking the time to listen and for your encouragement as always ??? x

ปั้มไลค์ · at

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    Diane · at

    Thank you for listening to my podcast ปั้มไลค์

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