About Judy Cohen

Former trying-to-be-good girl. Former clinical psychologist. Former serial entrepreneur and business owner.

Former depressed, anxious, therapy-chasing, anti-depressant-taking, guilty, ashamed, suicidal despairer.

Former seeker of Self improvement and being Better.

Former Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. Former Certified Senior Facilitator-Trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries, and other various methods of self help via nonduality. *

Desperate to feel better. (Duh) For years.

Nothing worked more than briefly.

Eventually Judy came to see that the methods she was trained and certified in actually perpetuated, the opposite of helping to relieve, the sense of self as damaged.

She saw clearly that the sense of self was strengthened and maintained by all that methodology.

Along the way, several awakening experiences happened. But they were never Judy’s goal or interest, and really she didn’t care. She wanted only to feel better.

And contrary to popular myth, these awakenings didn’t put an end to unpleasant feelings.

So then, all the seeking, all the inquiry, the desperation to improve and feel better and shift, was for… well, what, exactly?

Eventually Judy realized: What if every experience was an awakening? What if she could give up seeking because… This. Is. It.

And if that was so, then… what could any teacher or technique give her that wasn’t already here, that she didn’t already have?

So? Judy ditched it all.

All the certifications.* All the seeking, the hope of “better”, the self-fixing. All the certainty that “Judy” is a real thing.

She began to think for herself. Questioned everything. Got herself out of the way.

Judy saw that every experience- good, bad, happy or sad- is an awakening.

She knew to give up seeking because there was nothing more to get. She’d had it all along.

She began to help others…
• Find their own ways to disrupt the mind’s lies and lighten up their world.

• Discover how problem-making in any form perpetuates itself and the Self.

• See that they can be flawed, imperfect humans… and also not broken.

Bye-bye, unhappy box. Bye-bye, illusion. Bye-bye, dream-person.

Hello, broken spell. Judy Cohen had been Dis-Enchanted. Dis-Illusioned.

Ah, relief. Much more fun, this no-Judy-to-fix existence.

Though she’s still here as Judy.

Of course.

See her? She’s waving. 😊

Life goes on. Human continues.

Judy’s so grateful to know this now.

And amazingly, happily, paradoxically…



If you want to know more about her you can contact her here:https://www.irreverentmind.com/ or 


In this Episode
There were several things that struck me  but my favourite is the following:
‘I don’t need to be agreed with and I don’t even need to be understood. Trying to be understood is kind of grasping for love in itself.’
I sought to be understood and sometimes I still do, what I had not realised is that what I was really looking for is love.
To reach a point of not needing to be understood is truly liberating, try it?!. Let go of the need of being understood and see what happens.
As I was editing this conversation I was having a chat with a friend.
During the exchange I had a realisation.  Some of the words being used reminded me of what I did to myself for years on end.
I tried to beat the human out of me, by constantly trying to understand myself and become a better human. By trying to understand how I tick as if that was the answer to all my problems.
Insights do not come through prolonged thought processes or striving to understand yourself or anyone else for that matter.  Change or shifts sometimes happen without your interference or without you necessarily doing anything about it.
In this conversation, Judy and I talk about how liberating it is to let go of trying.
Here are some questions for you to consider as you listen:
Are you trying to be a good person, in order for someone to love you?
Are you trying to be what you think somebody wants you to be?
If you stop trying to be good, does that automatically mean that you will be bad?
Is it ok to be bad?
Can you let go of all that you believe or think to be true and be open to another way of being? Do you think that you are in control of whatever comes out of your mouth?
Can being who you are be enough without us humans thinking that it’s not good enough?
This conversation is filled with gold, I invite you to listen without being attached to any outcome.
If you would love to be a guest, or if you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch via email,  or send me a personal message.


Leanne Webber · at

I listened to it whilst I was painting my bathroom! Enjoyed it very much. A lot of wisdom there, with a lot relatable things discussed ?✨?

    Diane · at

    Hey Leanne, thank you for listening and for your feedback. It is always appreciated. feel free to share it if you think someone would benefit from it.

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