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Creating a pattern of possibilities in the world through unconditional love, empathic wisdom, and belief in the wondrously miraculous.

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In this episode, Christine shares something that she had never talked about publicly before. 

She also talks about how her gifts could have been misunderstood in the past so she hid them until she realised that she was given these gifts to help others heal. 

“I love helping people to find their pattern of possibilities, to get away from vicious cycles as they get stuck and that can be anything from, pain, depression to finances and work or just love and relationships.” 

This was a great conversation with some lovely nuggets about the power of being ourselves. I hope you enjoy it as much as Christine and I did recording it.

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Leanne · at

I loved listening to this interview, so interesting to hear how Christine integrates her profession, her healing endeavours, home and family life.

I relate very much to how Christine grew up feeling different and weird, being both a highly sensitive person and a high sensation seeker I could be easily overwhelmed or underwhelmed and my reactions to the world were not always conventional or age appropriate.

What I particularly appreciated was how Diane was able to to bring out Christine’s sense of authenticity, and her raw and powerful openness about her childhood traumas. What struck me was that Christine feels that she is not the sum of her experiences, that they happened to her / through her but do not define her. Working with adult victim /survivors of childhood sexual abuse, how those affected process their experience is as individual as they are; many do feel that their experiences are a part of who they are, but many share Christine’s perspective, with their own personal nuances.

It was a reminder to not make assumptions and to recognise the individual meaning making involved in healing oneself and identifying as one who heals others through helping them to heal themselves, processes which are inextricably linked. And that by accepting and bringing the whole of oneself to any interaction can strengthen human bonds.

Thank you for sharing ?

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