The Power and Magic you Unleash by being Yourself

Diane Xuereb – Coach & Podcast Host

I coach ambitious women who want to unleash the power and magic that comes with being themselves in every area of their lives.

 I do this by helping to navigate away from the narrative (the untrue sometimes crippling story that you tell yourselves on a daily basis) to the truth of who you truly are.





Should I follow my passion or play it safe?

At the beginning of this conversation, we were skirting around the real issue of Naomi’s challenge.

Halfway through, she had an insight that helped her see what was holding her back or stopping her from doing what she really loves doing. 

Naomi is a prolific and incredibly talented photographer.

I have seen some of her creations and even though I am no expert, I know when something is good.

Even though it’s subjective to the viewer we all recognise expertise when we see it.

Even though Naomi knows and loves her craft, there was a block.

As is typical in many cases it’s a fear of something or other.

Watch as Naomi allows herself to be challenged and to see her blind spot.

What is your blind spot?

What do you love doing?

Are you sharing it with the world?

Are you giving yourself permission to share your gifts with others?

Sharing your talents, your art and your creativity is a gift to the world.

It impacts people in ways that YOU CANNOT imagine.

The Gift is in Your Passion.





About Debbie George

Debbie is a prophetic minister, speaker, teacher, and psalmist, bringing encouragement, humor, and wisdom through practical and spiritual life teaching. A gifted speaker and mindset coach; one of Debbie’s greatest joys is helping others see how amazing and unique they are by encouraging them to live their most authentic life. An ordained minister, Debbie, has over 20 years of experience in hosting retreats, speaking – teaching groups and individuals on how to move in their giftings and motivate them to let their light shine in the world.

Debbie uses a variety of mediums to shed wisdom, humor, and encouragement to each individual she meets. An accomplished worship leader, Debbie has recorded “Shining Through,” a contemporary Christian CD, as well as having her songs sung by others.

No matter where you are in your journey, Debbie has a beautiful ability to speak your language and encourage you on your journey.

You can find her talking about a variety of subjects on her Authentic Deb Podcast.

 If you want to contact her, you can reach her here:

or here:

Episode Four Bi-Polar Squirrel

I love asking questions and I love coaching. 

I am nearly always blown away as I hear and watch people have insights during the conversation. 

Here are some golden nuggets:  “I’m Debbie but I am multifaceted like we all are.

I think sometimes society almost makes us pick a facet.

If you saw a diamond there’s this facet and this facet and this facet.

And society goes pick one, I can’t, I’m all of them.”

This conversation is for you if you are struggling to reconcile the language that you want to use with what you think people want to hear.

This conversation is for you if you still care about what people think about how you come across on social media or in-person for that matter.

Are you worried about what people think about you?

Or are you innocently and unknowingly judging yourself and hear it being confirmed by the statements positive or negative that people make about you?

Debbie had a mind-blowing insight, as I was listening, she said: I want people to hear my heart.  However, a few moments later she said something that is the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

In my opinion, it is something anyone and everyone needs to hear. Want to know what it is? 

I invite you to listen to this conversation which in my opinion is jam-packed with wisdom. If you would love to be a guest, or if you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch via email, or send me a personal message.





About Lucy Palmer

Eighteen years ago Lucy asked herself whether she was living the life she really wanted. 

The question was prompted as part of grieving the loss of her mum. However, it was fuelled by a deeper feeling that there had to be more to life. 

She had a successful career, a beautiful home, wonderful friends and good health. She’d already overcome a difficult marriage, divorce and near bankruptcy. 

To family, friends and colleagues, she was happy and had it all. However, the answer to her question was no. 

The problem was that she did not know what she wanted. Although she was clear that she didn’t want to work and she wanted a bigger house, it felt impossible to achieve both of those goals.

A year later she had both and had started to explore way beyond her comfort zone.

Six years later having travelled the world, exploring new places and ideas Lucy rediscovered what made her feel alive.

She began to notice that her experience of life was being generated from the way she interprets what’s going on within and around her.

This meant she could be resilient, adaptive and joyful anywhere and could create whatever she was bold enough to ask for.

She decided to create a life, which included work when it excited her alongside her passion for travel, learning and reconnecting to her spiritual nature.

Now she runs a successful Change Management Consultancy and Executive Coaching Business working with the Leaders of Private and Public Sector Companies within Central and Local Government, Financial Services, Housing Associations, NHS and owner led small businesses.

Her breadth of experience Professionally and personally plus her natural curiosity and ability to see a range of perspectives helps open up new possibilities in communication, relationships and business practices.

Lucy loves helping people and businesses resolve what appears to be restricting growth or new opportunities, enabling them to explore what’s currently unknown, unclear or feels impossible, so that they can create the experience of Life and Business they want.

If you want to contact her, you can reach her here: or here

Episode Three: What is your zone of Genius?

I asked Lucy what she hoped to get out of the conversation? 

‘I would love to have a simple phrase that trips off my tongue that describes who I am and what I do.’ 

This conversation might be helpful for those of you who have been struggling to describe what they do in very simple terms. 

Lucy mentioned a few things that you can ask yourselves whilst listening to this conversation. 

What drives you or motivates you to want to coach people? 

What is the part about coaching that brings you joy? 

How has coaching impacted your life? 

The following is my own take on our need to describe what we do and the resistance many coaches have to niching and marketing. 

Why do you resist niching and marketing? 

Do you want to serve everybody? 

Is it possible that in creating a niche you might ultimately serve many more people? 

In my experience it’s not so much about what you do but more about how we can actually help people have peace of mind or a better quality of life. 


1. Not everyone you talk to has to become your client. 

2. Clients are created simply because we take a genuine interest in other human beings. 

3. If you seek to connect with anyone without having a genuine interest and only to create clients then you are going to fall flat on your face. 

4. Seek to create conversations, not as a means to an end but simply to have a meaningful conversation with another human being. Or without being attached to a predetermined outcome. 

Disclaimer: the following is absolute rubbish: ‘a client or someone would be willing to create a relationship with me and to connect with me for one reason only, I have a solution to their pain etc. And that is why ultimately people will connect with us. 

I have no idea what I was thinking when I said that but whatever the reason was, it’s definitely not the point I was trying to make. People connect with others for varying reasons. 

It is certainly not because they are looking for a solution to their problems. People who are looking for a coach are looking for solutions but that is not the only reason they or anyone would be seeking to connect.

I invite you to listen and to share it with anyone you think might benefit from listening. 

If you would love to be a guest, or if you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch via email, or send me a personal message.